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Commercial Waste Connections are an independent waste and recycling company. We offer waste and recycling solutions to all types of businesses, however large or small nationwide. We specialise in providing a recycling lead, waste management process, utilising waste to energy as a zero to landfill solution whenever possible.


Established in 2010, our goal from the outset has been to offer our clients an environmentally green and compliant waste management package whilst introducing cost savings at the same time.


Wherever possible Commercial Waste Connections use local suppliers to ensure a minimal carbon footprint. We work closely with our clients to maximise their recycling output, offering the right containers to suit their waste production and space available. Whilst working with our clients, our objectives are to provide an innovative, well-managed, proactive, efficient and reliable service always.



Here's what our clients have to say:



"I just wanted to thank you most sincerely for the outstanding service Commercial Waste Connections provided Cubex Contracts during the Christmas to New Year shut down. You were in communication with me daily, including Saturdays ad Sundays, regarding the frequent changeover of skips. I really appreciated the excellent standard of service you provided me which included estimated arrival times of deliveries or pick- ups, and prompt telephone advice if times changed for any reason, advice on the cheapest options for Cubex to remove a variety of waste from site and most importantly a friendly and professional manner.


Your support helped Cubex to carry out a large scale strip out project, within a limited period of time, that would have been severally hampered if waste could not be removed from site in a timely fashion. Thank you, I will continue to use and recommend your services."


Frances MacKenzie

Cubex Contracts






"I would just like to place on record a massive thank you to the team at Commercial Waste Connections. Our business model depends heavily on the support we receive from our service providers. In short, without them we would have no business.


Whilst we have an exhaustive list of reliable and supportive Utilities suppliers, we have always struggled when it comes to finding a credible and flexible waste management supplier.


We were fortunate to stumble upon Commercial Waste Connections purely by chance following a conversation with a new client. They explained how Commercial Waste Connections had been able to help them with recycling initiatives and cost savings and how happy they were with them compared to their previous waste management company.


Following this endorsement, I contacted Commercial Waste Connections myself and I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough. In short, they were everything we’d been looking for. Their, expertise, knowledge, advice and approach have been a refreshing change from the waste management companies that we have dealt with in the past. I would not hesitate to recommend Commercial Waste Connections to any of our existing or future client base."


Adam Wilcox – Managing Director

Diverse Utility Solutions Limited






“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the way in which your business simplifies my own. Sorting, cost effective, skips out has always been a laborious task for us and now we only make one phone call!


Waste removal from sites can be costly, it is also surprising just how much costs can vary from region to region! What was once a time-consuming task to call around different suppliers to get costs and delivery days is now only a phone call away, saving our company both time and money, meaning we can get more done on site. Collections are just as easy at the end of the hire period and communications are all handled well.


Thank you again for your efficiency. I would not hesitate to recommend Commercial Waste Connections to anyone for their waste handling needs.”


Richard Penfold, Director

Red Sky Landscapes



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